Engineering Experience at MIT

Executive Director: Eboney Hearn | Email | Website

Faculty Director: Prof. Cardinal Warde

77 Massachusetts Ave. • E17-139 • Cambridge, MA 02139 • (617) 324-7260

Through Engineering Experience at MIT (E2@MIT), high school seniors from across the country who have a strong academic record and interest in science and engineering participate in a one-week residential science and engineering enrichment program. Students complete a short project course in an engineering field; attend admissions and financial aid sessions; tour labs; meet with MIT faculty, students, and alumni; and participate in social events.

Students in E2@MIT also learn about current research, news, and strategic initiatives that are related to fields of engineering and science. This program aims to develop a cohort of “thinking minds” equipped to successfully major in technical disciplines. It does so by emphasizing the need to develop and encourage creative problem solving skills in the technical fields.

All educational, food, and boarding costs are generously covered by funders. Students only pay for transportation to and from MIT.

The objectives of E2@MIT are to…

  • Engage highly talented students from traditionally undeserved or underrepresented populations in STEM.
  • Develop participants' problem-solving skills required for success in their technical and scientific career pursuits.
  • Provide students with an introduction to the scope of possibilities in engineering and science careers, so that participants are informed, inspired, and deeply motivated by clearer visions of their personal career paths.
  • Build students' confidence in their academic and leadership abilities so that they can manage and resolve ostensibly insurmountable challenges in high school, college and beyond.
  • Foster skills to work productively and creatively in an increasingly racially diverse world.

Since 2011, E2@MIT has served hundreds of high school seniors from across the country. After a week at MIT, E2@MIT students leave campus with a network of intelligent peers as well as the skills and confidence necessary for success in science and engineering.

Learn more at the E2@MIT website.