Our faculty don’t run from hard problems; they run toward them.

Whether a rock star or a rising star, our faculty prefer first names and, most of the time, jeans. The most important thing at MIT is not credentials or citations, but what cool thing you’re working on.

They come here from every corner of the Earth to teach, to do research, and to bring their knowledge to bear on the world’s greatest problems. The challenges they seek to solve, from cybersecurity to fusion energy to Alzheimer’s, require more than apps.

Breakthroughs don’t happen overnight. So, our faculty are in it for the long haul. Quantum computing. Self-healing materials. Nitrogen fixation. Autonomous vehicles.

The 378 faculty members in the MIT School of Engineering have won almost every major research and teaching award you can think of, they have a strong tradition of national service, and they are prolific inventors and originators of commercial enterprises.

If it’s a breakthrough in technology and science, our faculty are probably involved.

Faculty by Department or Institute



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