Teaching Awards

What inspires MIT faculty? MIT students.

Our students are some of the best on the planet. Keeping pace with them is no small feat, so we listen closely, and we look continuously for new ways to improve what we do in our classrooms, our labs, and everywhere else our students are working.

The faculty listed below have made exceptional contributions to the Institute’s educational mission.

Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching is given annually to a faculty member whose contributions to education have been characterized by dedication, care, and creativity. Established in 1990, the award stands as a tribute to the late Amar Bose, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science and the founder of the Bose Corporation.

Professor(s) Year
William Tisdale 2023
Michael Short 2022
Elsa Olivetti 2021
Eric Demaine 2020
Jacob White 2019
Srinivas Devadas 2018
Lorna Gibson 2017
Maria Yang 2016
Leslie Kaelbling 2015
Steven Leeb 2014
Jeffrey Grossman 2013
William Deen 2012
Anette Hosoi 2011
Daniel Jackson 2010
Vladimir Bulovic 2009
W. Craig Carter 2008
Harold Hemond 2007
David Wallace 2006
Dennis Freeman 2005
Ian Hunter 2004
Heidi Nepf 2003
Jesus Del Alamo 2002
Eric Grimson 2001
Gareth Mckinley 2000
Herbert Einstein 1999
John Hansman Jr. 1998
Donald Sadoway 1997
Alan Oppenheim 1996
Philip Gschwend 1995
Michael Rubner 1994
Ole Madsen 1993
Hal Abelson and Gerald Sussman 1992
Alvin Drake 1991
August Witt 1990

Junior Bose Award

The Junior Bose Award is given annually to an outstanding contributor to education from among the faculty members who are being proposed for promotion to associate professor without tenure.

Professor(s) Year
Carmen Guerra-Garcia and Farnaz Niroui 2024
Jacob Andreas and Mingda Li 2023
Irmgard Bischofberger 2022
Ellen Roche 2021
Desiree Plata and Justin Solomon 2020
Angela Koehler and Tamara Broderick 2019
Michael P. Short 2018
Amos Winter 2017
Polina Anikeeva 2016
Katharina Ribbeck 2015
Anne White 2014
Geoffrey S. Beach 2013
Youssef Marzouk 2012
Kristala Prather 2011
Scott Aaronson 2010
Krystyn Van Vliet 2009
Jacopo Buongiorno 2008
Francesco Stellacci 2007
Anette (Peko) Hosoi and Daniel Frey 2006
Karen Willcox 2005
David Perrault 2004
Rahul Sarpeshkar 2003
David Darmofal and Hari Balakrishnan 2002
Leonard McMillan 2001
Paula Hammond 2000
Heidi Nepf 1999
Douglas Hart 1998
Steven Leeb 1997
Gregory Wornell 1996

Capers and Marion McDonald Award for Excellence in Mentoring and Advising

The Capers and Marion McDonald Award for Excellence in Mentoring and Advising is given annually to a faculty member who has demonstrated a lasting commitment to the personal and professional development of others.

Professor Year
Elsa Olivetti 2023
Colette Heald 2022
George Verghese 2021
Wesley Harris 2020
Nick Roy and Anette (Peko) Hosoi 2019
Ronitt Rubinfeld 2018
Alexander Slocum 2017
Duane Boning 2016
Daniel Blankschtein 2015
Maria Yang 2014
Alan V. Oppenheim 2013
Terry P. Orlando 2012
Gang Chen 2011
Olivier L. de Weck 2010
Leslie A. Kolodziejski 2009
Samuel M. Allen 2008
Amedeo R. Odoni 2007
Robert E. Cohen 2006

Ruth and Joel Spira Awards for Excellence in Teaching

The Ruth and Joel Spira Awards for Excellence in Teaching are awarded annually to four faculty members in the areas of electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, and nuclear science and engineering to acknowledge “the tradition of high-quality engineering education at MIT”.

Professors Year
Kevin Chen, Carlos Portela, Daniel Sanchez, Anne White 2023
George Barbastathis, Phillip Isola, Nuno Loureiro, Kevin O’Brien 2022
Polina Golland, Mingda Li, Warren Seering, Greg Wornell 2021
Irmgard Bischofberger, Tamara Broderick, Matteo Bucci,
Julian Shun
Adam Chlipala, Betar Gallant, Max Shulaker, Zachary Hartwig 2019
Emilio Baglietto, Regina Barzilay, Rohit Karnik, John N. Tsitsiklis 2018
John Hart, Patrick Jaillet, Scott Kemp, Nir Shavit 2017
Luca Daniel, Kenneth Kamrin, Michael Short, Vinod Vaikuntanathan 2016
Jacopo Buongiorno, Tomás Palacios, Srini Devadas, Sangbae Kim 2015
Ian Hutchinson, Wojciech Matusik, Asu Ozdaglar, Maria Yang 2014
Lorna Gibson, Franz Hover, Dennis Whyte, Nickolai Zeldovich 2013
Derek Rowell, Russell Tedrake, Heidi Nepf 2012
Jacopo Buongiorno, Harry Asada, Konstantinos Daskalakis, William Deen 2011
Benoit Forget, Pierre Lermusiaux, Manolis Kellis, Forest White 2010
Dennis Whyte, Dan Frey, Elfar Adalsteinsson, Zoltan Spakovszky 2009
Ronald Parker, Carol Livermore, Fredo Durand 2007
Jacopo Buongiorno, John Brisson, Vladimir Bulovic 2006
George E. Apostolakis, Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli, Anette (Peko) Hosoi, Rahul Sarpeshkar 2005
Kim Molvig, Marty Culpepper, Erik Demaine 2004
Ronald G. Ballinger, Peter So, David Perreault 2003
David G. Cory, David L. Trumper, Rajeev Ram 2002
Michael J. Driscoll, Triantaphyllos R. Akylas, Hari Balakrishnan 2001
Jacquelyn Yanch, Gareth Mckinley, Leonard Mcmillan 2000
Ian Hutchinson, Klaus-Jurgen Bathe, Dennis Freeman 1999
Kent Hansen, David L. Trumper, Duane Boning 1998
Richard Lester, Mary Boyce, Frans Kaashoek 1997
Sidney Yip, Jung-Hoon Chun, Steven B. Leeb 1996
Neil Todreas, Eli Sachs, Lynn Stein 1995
Elias Gyftopoulos, Anthony Patera, Martin Schmidt 1994
Jeffrey Freidberg, John Lienhard, Gregory Papadopoulos 1993
Norman Rasmussen, Ain Sonin, Martha Gray 1992


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