Simultaneously lab and playground, MIT is unlike any other place on Earth.

Walking through the halls of the Institute feels like walking into the future: four-legged robots leaping over obstacles; researchers hunched over microscopes untangling the fundamental properties of graphene; makers building nanosatellites, or wearable electronics, or even a roller coaster.

Here, students hurry to class yammering about quantum computing, CRISPR gene editing, and nuclear fusion — sometimes in the same conversation.

MIT is nerd heaven, a place where that word implies nothing but muscle and credibility. We value merit, rigor, ingenuity, and real-world problem-solving. This is where bright minds come from every corner of the Earth to make something new — and make something of themselves.

In this community, we believe as much in excellence and boldness as we do in humility and the value of failure. An open spirit of collaboration. A strong desire to make a positive impact. And a sense of responsibility to make the world a better place.

We encourage you to visit campus, explore Cambridge and Boston, talk to current students and faculty, and get to know our community in person.

You will find, in the words of one of our students, that “the MIT culture is very accepting.” And we wouldn’t have it any other way.



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