When students come here, they often feel like a kid in a candy store — the options seem infinite.

When you’re admitted to MIT, you’re admitted to the entire Institute. We don’t ask you to decide your major, your minor, or even your eventual calling.

During freshman year, departments and programs offer academic fairs, lectures, seminars, and other showcases (typically with free food) to help students decide a course of study that best suits their passion.

MIT is organized into academic departments that are typically referred to by their course number or acronym (of which we have many). Each department offers various undergraduate degrees and minors — some even offer a flexible degree option that lets you design your own course of study.

As rising sophomores, students are free to choose from all of the majors, across all the schools, without any additional requirements or admission procedures.

Roughly 70 percent of undergraduates declare an engineering discipline as their major. But keep in mind: MIT is intellectually diverse — offering academic programs in the arts, sciences, and humanities.

So, don’t be surprised if you take a class on the history of making books and end up building your own Gutenberg press. #OnlyatMIT



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