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Meet this year’s MathWorks Fellows: A three-part series, III

When the Perseverance Rover landed on Mars last February, it carried with it an oxygen generation experiment called MOXIE. The instrument uses electrolysis to split oxygen out of a Martian atmosphere predominantly composed of carbon dioxide. When the system is initiated, it can produce enough oxygen for one human to breathe for a little more than ten minutes. But asRead More

Meet this year’s MathWorks Fellows: A three-part series, II

The cardiologist reviews the diagnostic images as they play across her screen. Her patient has developed a dangerous lesion in his vasculature and she must implant a stent in the area to return proper blood flow. She stops the stream to get a better look, and then lets it play forward again. There are thousands of images stitched together that,Read More

Meet this year’s MathWorks Fellows: A three-part series, I

In recognition of its decades-long partnership with the School of Engineering, MathWorks in 2019 began offering fellowships to engineering graduate students who utilize MATLAB and Simulink in their research. Now in its second year, the program has already expanded from an initial cohort of 11 in the 2019-20 school year to 46 in 2020-21. It was Jin Yang’s severe allergiesRead More

Martin York Named U.S. Air Force Cadet of the Year

Martin A. York, a graduate student in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AeroAstro) and a cadet member of MIT’s Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Detachment 365, has been named the 2016 Air Force Cadet of the Year. Air Force Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein presented York with the award in a Dec. 12 ceremony at the Pentagon.Read More

At MIT, a Culture of Innovation “Never Gets Old”

Since Leila Pirhaji PhD ’16 arrived on campus six years ago, she has earned a doctorate in biological engineering, developed pioneering software, and launched an ambitious startup. Yet time and accomplishments have not lessened her giddiness about one thing: She is at MIT.

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