Leadership Development

We are educating leading engineers — and engineers who can lead.

Humanity’s greatest challenges are increasingly being met with engineering solutions, but technological advances alone are not enough.

Now — more than ever — the world needs leaders who can accelerate the innovation process in corporations, in classrooms, and in congress.

Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program

The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program is developing the next generation of engineers — leaders who are empowered not only with technical know-how but with the confidence to create the breakthroughs of tomorrow. The program cultivates an understanding of the creative and inspirational components of the leadership equation as a complement to a student’s technical education.

Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program

Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program is a gateway — a career accelerator — providing MIT sophomores with opportunities well beyond the boundaries of campus. The program offers a breadth of internship choices from nearly 500 partner companies. Through mentoring and experiential learning exercises, our students are empowered with the critical competencies needed to thrive in today’s professional environment.

MIT Communication Lab

The MIT Communication Lab offers graduate students a variety of tools to become more effective communicators within their respective disciplines. This peer-coaching program employs engineers to help fellow engineers with writing, speaking, and visual design. Individual coaching, hands-on workshops, and an online best practices collection, are just some of the resources that the Communication Lab uses to help engineers achieve their career goals.



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