Building One
Message from Ian A. Waitz, dean of engineering
With MIT’s investments on campus, you might think we’re doubling down on staying local. But opportunities for students to leave Cambridge are growing, too. Being away exposes aspiring engineers to other ways of thinking and helps them understand what’s really “grand” about the grand challenges.


MITx represents the collective effort of the MIT community to help reinvent the college experience and educate 1 billion people worldwide.


MIT engineers have provided a steady source of new ideas, products, services, and technologies to the world since the Institute was founded in 1861.


When you take Tylenol or Advil for a headache or a sore muscle, the pain disappears. It seems like the medication zeros in on your aches and pains like magic; it “knows” what to do. The fact is, most medicines are pretty dumb in this respect…