• Crowdsourcing data on road quality and excess fuel consumption

    Crowdsourcing data on road quality and excess fuel consumption

    America has over 4 million miles of roads and, as one might expect, monitoring them can be a monumental task.   To collect high-quality data on the conditions of their roads, departments of transportation (DOTs) can expect to spend $200 per mile for state-of-the-art laser profilers. For cities and states, these costs are prohibitive and […]
  • Navigating beneath the Arctic ice

    Navigating beneath the Arctic ice

    There is a lot of activity beneath the vast, lonely expanses of ice and snow in the Arctic. Climate change has dramatically altered the layer of ice that covers much of the Arctic Ocean. Areas of water that used to be covered by a solid ice pack are now covered by thin layers only 3 […]
  • Talking outside the tower

    Talking outside the tower

    Walking into MIT can feel like entering a foreign country — one with a number for every building and an unwieldy acronym for every organization. Deeper conversations are even more opaque, as fields and sub-fields command their own complex scientific argot. But if the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that bridging the gap […]
  • Sustainable solutions at home and abroad

    Sustainable solutions at home and abroad

    Arnav Patel is a self-described sustainability enthusiast. Working on solutions related to climate change has been a central thread woven throughout his time at MIT. As a first-year student, he was initially drawn to mechanical engineering because he wanted to keep his options open.
  • Healing with hydrogels

    Healing with hydrogels

    In November, mechanical engineering PhD candidate Hyunwoo Yuk earned the top prize at the Collegiate Inventors Competition hosted by the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame. Yuk was named the graduate winner for his invention SanaHeal, a bioadhesive tape that can easily bind to tissues or organs. The tape could one day be used in place of […]


Tackling air pollution in India…

Tackling air pollution in India and the developing world

PhD student Sidhant Pai works on atmospheric chemistry models that may help policymakers improve air quality in their region. go
“Just ask questions and go…

“Just ask questions and go for it!”

Senior Zaina Moussa’s path toward a career as a physician-scientist has included embracing her different cultures and varied interests. go




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