MIT-Novo Nordisk Artificial Intelligence Postdoctoral Fellows Program


The MIT-Novo Nordisk Artificial Intelligence Postdoctoral Fellows Program supports postdoctoral fellows conducting research at the intersection of AI and data science with life sciences. Each year, the program will support a cohort of up to ten postdoctoral fellows for two-year terms.

Postdoctoral fellows participating in the program will receive professional development opportunities, including entrepreneurship-focused workshops, and mentorship from experts in both life science and data science.


The MIT-Novo Nordisk Postdoc Program will accept applications from individuals both within and outside of MIT who conduct research at the intersection of data science and AI with life sciences that fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Graduate students who are within a year of finishing their PhD
  2. Recent PhD recipients within one year of graduation
  3. Scholars in industry within one year of earning their PhD who wish to pivot to an academic career

Potential areas of focus for postdoctoral fellows participating in the program include, but are not limited to, the research areas listed in the following document: MIT-Novo Nordisk Artificial Intelligence Postdoctoral Fellows Program: Focus Areas.

Applications from both domestic and international candidates are welcome. MIT’s School of Engineering welcomes applications from underrepresented groups, racial and ethnic minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and veterans. However, all candidates committed to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive academic culture are welcome to apply.


Applications for the fall 2023 cohort of MIT-Novo Nordisk Program are now being accepted for consideration on a rolling basis. Please submit an application at the link below.

Applicants are encouraged to propose ideas for projects they wish to accomplish during their tenure in the program and identify leading MIT researchers who can serve as an advisor and help them develop and pursue their research interests.

Finding An Advisor

A postdoc’s advisor is a key member of their research and mentoring team. Applicants are encouraged to explore faculty who align with their research interests across departments in all five of MIT’s schools and the Schwarzman College of Computing. The program will help match fellows with appropriate advisors as needed. Explore MIT faculty at the link below.

Funding and Support

Fellows that are accepted into the program will be awarded a two-year stipend starting at $75,000 annually, plus additional funds for benefits coverage. The program will also provide recipients with travel grants for academic conferences as well as computer access and various programming activities.  


Angela Belcher

Angela Belcher

Faculty Co-Lead
Head, Department of Biological Engineering; James Mason Crafts Professor

Asu Ozdaglar

Asu Ozdaglar

Faculty Co-Lead
Head, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; MathWorks Professor


For all questions about the MIT-Novo Nordisk Postdoc Program, please contact Program Coordinator, Dominique Rey Altarejos at



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