Zhongqiang Hu

Zhongqiang Hu is a PhD candidate exploring the fields of quantum spintronics and topological physics with the goal of offering both fundamental new knowledge and industry applications. MathWorks software, especially MATLAB, has been a central component of Zhongqiang’s work, advancing numerical simulation, symbolic derivation, data acquisition, and analysis. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, he is determined to build a more complete physical model and to discover evidence of his previous theoretical studies on the topological band structures of spin waves. Zhongqiang’s work, which has already uncovered new physics and mechanisms, could lead to useful applications such as directional propagation of microwave signals, which are critical for many classical communication and quantum computing applications. Recently, he has begun to explore the mutual interactions between spin waves in magnetic films and nitrogen vacancy centers, quantum defects in diamonds. This work could prove pivotal for spintronics-based quantum computing. In the future, Zhongqiang plans to develop and share the MATLAB tools that he has created to further additional work in the topological analysis of quantum spintronic materials, and more general physical systems.



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