Li-Yu  Yu
Li-Yu Yu

Li-Yu Yu is a PhD candidate whose research seeks to advance the growing field of spectroscopic microscopy, a powerful tool for delivering rich molecular information about an object through the measurement of its spatial and spectral characteristics. Potential applications of spectral microscopy range from medical diagnosis to pharmaceutical research and material identification. Lu-Yu’s current research, supported by a MathWorks Fellowship, addresses the crucial drawback of poor spectral sig ...

Matthew  Yeung
Matthew Yeung

Matthew Yeung is a PhD candidate whose research explores interactions between light and nanostructures for both fundamental research and the development of novel optoelectronic technologies. The focus of his current work, supported by a MathWorks Fellowship, is the development of nanostructured devices that can interact with and measure light fields with sub-femtosecond resolution. These devices enable a critical new tool in visible to near-infrared optical metrology: a sampling oscilloscope ...

Kathleen  Yang
Kathleen Yang

Kathleen Yang is a PhD candidate whose research interests lie at the intersection of wireless communications and signal processing. In previous work, Kathleen developed an impulsive modulation scheme that encodes information in both time and frequency, as well as a corresponding compressed sensing receiver. A MathWorks Fellowship will support Kathleen’s current work on GRAND-assisted multi-user detection, which is a technique that combines users’ symbols and codebooks to achieve better de ...

Qiuyuan  Wang
Qiuyuan Wang

Qiuyuan Wang is a PhD candidate whose research interests are in spintronics, a rapidly growing field that leverages the electron’s spin degree of freedom and the associated magnetic moment and offers tremendous potential to improve power efficiency and performance in storage and computing technologies. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, Qiuyuan is investigating multiple dimensions of spintronics, including emergent topological materials as new building blocks for spintronic devices ...

Hao  Tang
Hao Tang

Hao Tang is a PhD candidate whose research explores the use of computational tools to simulate physical systems and provide microscopic insights into the underlying physics and materials design strategy. As a MathWorks Fellow, Hao will advance his highly promising research along four primary lines of inquiry. First, he will study quantum algorithms for machine learning problems where the training dataset is distributed in remote devices. Second, he will conduct quantum transport simulation an ...

Sabrina C.  Shen
Sabrina C. Shen

Sabrina C. Shen is a PhD candidate whose research aims to support a more sustainable future through the computational and experimental design of nature-inspired architected materials. Sabrina’s current work, supported by a MathWorks Fellowship, proposes a new paradigm for materials design that uses pre-existing biomass waste streams to build a novel class of architected composites, drawing inspiration from nature and direction from powerful computational methods. By employing tools in bio-f ...

Miranda  Schwacke
Miranda Schwacke

Miranda Schwacke is a PhD candidate whose research is focused on developing energy-efficient hardware for machine learning and brain-inspired computing, with the broader goal of reducing the fast-growing energy demands of computing (and associated CO2 emissions) while nurturing technological innovation. Specifically, Miranda is designing and testing electrochemical ionic synapses (EIS), an emerging technology for analog resistive switching in which electrochemically controlled intercalation o ...

Sebastián  Ruiz-Lopera
Sebastián Ruiz-Lopera

Sebastián Ruiz-Lopera is a PhD candidate in the field of biomedical optics whose research combines cutting-edge optical imaging systems with physics-informed post-processing tools to study tissue such as the retina. Specifically, Sebastián is developing novel approaches in optical coherence tomography (OCT), an imaging technique that provides diverse information about the macro- and micro-structure and functioning of tissue. Previously, he created the first technique for high-resolution i ...

Jillian  Ross
Jillian Ross

Jillian Ross is a PhD student whose research interests focus on the climate impacts of machine learning. Her goals include reducing ML’s carbon intensity, enabling researchers and practitioners to understand the climate impact of various tools, and guiding future research in efficient ML. Jillian’s achievements to date include leading community and growth at Replicate, a Series A start- up enabling software engineers to run ML models with only a few lines of code, and co-producing a free, ...

Joshua David John  Rathinaraj
Joshua David John Rathinaraj

Joshua David John Rathinaraj is a PhD candidate whose research focuses on soft materials, such as complex fluids and soft solids, that are crucial to many industries, including consumer goods, automotive, and oil and gas production industries. Specifically, Joshua’s work addresses the challenges of characterizing and mathematically modeling the mechanics and rheological properties of soft materials. He accomplishes this by developing advanced signal processing techniques to characterize the ...



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