Paul  Zhang
Paul Zhang

Paul Zhang is a PhD candidate working to answer complex questions at the intersection of scientific computing, optimization, and geometry. Specifically, Paul studies quadrilateral (quad) and hexahedral (hex) meshing, an open area in geometry with bearing on simulation for computational fluid dynamics, fabrication, and other tasks. He has also investigated other areas of geometry, developing a new algorithm for approximating the isoperimetric profile of a two-dimensional shape and exploring ne ...

Yuzhe  Yang
Yuzhe Yang

Yuzhe Yang is a PhD candidate working at the intersection of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and digital health. He is building innovative neural learning pipelines that combine MATLAB’s capacity to manipulate signals and matrices with contemporary deep learning approaches with the goal of developing new modalities and applications for digital health. His recent work includes a project that tackled the problem of imbalance in real-world data and yielded new tools and in ...

Jin (Harvey)  Yang
Jin (Harvey) Yang

Jin (Harvey) Yang is a PhD candidate whose research aims to decipher the mechanisms underlying 3-D genome organization and enhancer-promoter interaction. As a MathWorks Fellow, Harvey seeks to develop new methods in synthetic 3-D genome biology. In past and present work, he has made innovative use of MATLAB and created new open-source tools for the MathWorks community, including modeling synthetic gene circuits through SimBiology to guide experimental testing. In his recent project on the rep ...

Oliver  Xie
Oliver Xie

Oliver Xie is a PhD candidate whose work combines chemical, biochemical, and genetic engineering with cutting-edge computational approaches to explore protein materials. Specifically, Oliver is studying block copolymers and the unique properties arising from their self-assembled morphologies. As a MathWorks Fellow, he is developing a novel self-consistent field theory (SCFT), which predicts the self-assembly and phase behavior of sequence-defined polymers, and he is using MATLAB tools to unco ...

Hanshen  Xiao
Hanshen Xiao

Hanshen Xiao is a PhD candidate whose research explores the area of privacy-preserving machine learning. Specifically, he investigates information-theoretical security, robust optimization, and signal processing, from theoretical and practical perspectives. MATLAB is an indispensable tool in Hanshen’s work, supporting such tasks as large-scale spectrum analysis, testing learning algorithms, and estimating higher-order cumulants. His recent accomplishments include studies in high dimensional ...

Jake  Song
Jake Song

Jake Song is a PhD candidate whose research combines materials engineering and soft matter physics with emerging trends in mechanics and rheology. Specifically, Jake studies the structural and dynamical properties of soft materials, from foods and cosmetics to cells and tissues, with the goals of understanding the microscopic origins of these dynamics and developing new constitutive models for engineering applications of soft materials. Through his innovative use of MATLAB, Jake has created v ...

Noah  Salk
Noah Salk

Noah Salk is a PhD candidate building complex analytic models of practical problems at the intersection of physics, mathematics, and computational modeling. Specifically, Noah’s work seeks to advance the development of a new class of resonant, electronic power transformers. MATLAB has enabled him to create powerful new models, equal to the task of solving practical problems rich in complex physics. Recent examples include models for electromagnetic processes and effects within high frequenc ...

Antonio Gabino Salazar  Martín
Antonio Gabino Salazar Martín

Antonio Gabino Salazar Martín is a PhD candidate who seeks to advance the development of new biomedical therapeutics. As a MathWorks Fellow, Antonio is pursuing cutting-edge work on the modeling and analysis of vascular disease. His current research explores how loss of endothelial cell (EC) plasticity could become an early marker of vascular disease and a predictor of adverse outcomes to stress. This work is critical to understanding the high variability in drug responsiveness among target ...

Zhijian  Ren
Zhijian Ren

Zhijian Ren is a PhD candidate studying microrobotics. His work centers on the creation of insect- scale flapping wing micro-aerial-vehicles (FWMAVs) with the agility and robustness of flying insects. Possible applications for FWMAVs include assisted agriculture (pollination) and search and rescue operations. As a MathWorks Fellow, Zhijian will advance an ongoing collaborative project with MathWorks to address unique challenges in microrobotics and FWMAVs in particular. Utilizing MATLAB and S ...

Sarath  Pattathil
Sarath Pattathil

Sarath Pattathil is a PhD candidate exploring multiagent learning. This area of research is becoming increasingly more important as artificial-intelligence (AI) technologies are deployed in large-scale societal applications such as transportation, healthcare, and social networks. As a MathWorks Fellow, Sarath seeks to advance dynamic interactions between humans and AI-driven systems and between multiple AI-driven agents. MATLAB is a vital tool in his work, enabling Sarath to design robust mod ...



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