Madhumitha Ravichandran
Madhumitha Ravichandran

Madhumitha is a PhD student in nuclear science engineering whose research focuses on developing machine learning frameworks and multiphysics models to improve the safety margins in the operation of commercial light water reactors. She has developed a neural network framework, based on MATLAB models in the Neural Network and Deep Learning Toolbox, to predict the boiling dynamic parameters, allowing accelerated (real-time) determination of these parameters from experiments conducted with advanc ...

Ryan Penny
Ryan Penny

Ryan is a PhD student in mechanical engineering whose research is focused on the development of in-situ instrumentation and measurement techniques for end-to-end interrogation of selective laser melting (SLM) additive manufacturing. He has designed, built, and integrated two optical instruments with an SLM testbed: a mid-wave infrared (MWIR) camera that images thermal (blackbody) radiation from the build area and a near IR (NIR) pyrometer that measures the temperature of material dir ...

Clara  Park
Clara Park

Clara is a PhD student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering developing a dynamic robotic heart model that can be used as a surrogate heart for testing intracardiac devices, such as valve prostheses and occluder devices, before implanting patients.She focuses on replicating the complex beating motion of the heart, translating patient-specific cardiac muscle fibers to soft robotic structures to build a synthetic robot equivalent. She uses MATLAB to compute and visualize fiber tracts in t ...

Edward  Pang
Edward Pang

Edward is a PhD student in materials science and engineering. His research is focused on the manipulation of the lattice crystallography in zirconia shape-memory ceramics by doping it, with the specific aim of making the two transforming phases more crystallographically compatible to prevent cracking. He is developing a combined machine learning and computational thermodynamics approach to design new material combinations with targeted crystallography and improved functional properties. He ha ...

David  Palmer
David Palmer

David is a PhD student in computer science and a member of the Geometric Data Processing Group. His current research focuses on the hexahedral (hex) meshing problem, which is of interest for applications, including fluid and nonlinear elastic simulations. Automatically computing high-quality hex meshes is a significant problem largely due to the complicated topology of hex mesh singularities, regions of a mesh for which the combinatorial structure is irregular. David’s research addresses ch ...

Sirma  Orguc
Sirma Orguc

Sirma is a postdoctoral associate at MIT’s Institute of Medical Engineering Science. Her PhD research focused on developing energy-efficient circuits and systems, with an emphasis on bio-medical and neuroscience applications. She has developed a platform which involves a modular, light-weight, head-borne neuromodulation platform that achieves low-power wireless neuromodulation and allows bi-directional communication to monitor and manipulate the brain activity in real-time.She used MATLAB t ...

Chelsea  Onyeador
Chelsea Onyeador

Chelsea is a PhD student in aeronautics and astronautics. Her research centers on the simulation on similar and non-similar hypersonic boundary layers with temperature-varying properties.She uses MATLAB to efficiently and robustly model the evolution of hypersonic boundary layers, develop heuristics for the impact of various flow conditions such as free stream Mach number, free stream enthalpy, and surface boundary conditions (temperature or heat transfer distribution) on the behaviors of hyp ...

Max  Olender
Max Olender

Max is a postdoctoral associate at MIT’s Institute of Medical Engineering Science and a member of the Edelman Lab(Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center). His research is focused on advancing computational models representing diseased coronary arteries to accurately reflect the specific biomechanics of a given patient. Models of coronary arteries have previously been developed, but lack the detailed input data necessary to robustly characterize and represent the systems and to confidentl ...

Tam  Nguyen
Tam Nguyen

Tam is a PhD student in chemical engineering whose research applies systems engineering to solving problems in pharmaceutical manufacturing, with a focus on continuous processes for their potential to decrease costs and increase flexibility. She has constructed a novel kinetic model, written entirely with MATLAB code, for the manufacturing of the most important class of gene therapy products via triple transfection of mammalian cells. She has designed optimal model-based experiments necessary ...

Jerry Ng
Jerry Ng

Jerry is a PhD student in mechanical engineering whose research focuses on system dynamics and applications control in robotics. In particular, he focuses on lifting linearization techniques for nonlinear dynamical systems to be used for realtime, model predictive control. He has used MATLAB to run simulations and experiment with configurations. Jerry has also served as a TA for the subject Introduction to Robotics, taking MATLAB packages and toolboxes that he uses in his own research and tra ...



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