Yuqin Sophia Duan

Sophia Duan is a PhD candidate whose research interests are focused on the development of novel quantum technologies. Her current work is aimed at designing accurate large-scale computational models to describe the behavior of quantum devices, considering both the quantum object and the complex experimental chain required for device operation. Such models could enable a greater understanding of the fundamental limits of laboratory measurements and quantum physics. A MathWorks Fellowship will enable her to continue work on a novel model that leverages the “digital twin,” concept, and adapts the “smart factory” paradigm to a “smart research” paradigm, to produce a full-scale physical-digital integrated twin system with a “world view.” This digital twin continuously receives data from its physical twin (i.e., the experimental setup), allowing for comprehensive simulation and performance analysis. Her novel methodology significantly shortens the time required for direct training of physical setups while maintaining simulation accuracy, optimizing experimental designs, and predicting device behavior. Sophia’s work is yielding valuable contributions to MATLAB’s quantum codebase and has the potential to break new ground in quantum science and technology.



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