Yoonho Kim

Yoonho is a PhD student in mechanical engineering. He developed a submillimeter-scale, soft-bodied continuum robot (a type of slender, thread-like robot) capable of slithering through highly complex and constrained environments, such as the narrow and tortuous vasculature of the human brain.Based on this technology, he is developing a telerobotic neurointerventional platform to enable robotic applications to endovascular neurosurgery and stroke treatments. He uses MATLAB for simulation and quantitative prediction of the behavior of the soft continuum robot, and uses MATLAB and Simulink to design the interface for real-time control and teleoperation of the robot arm to remotely control the soft continuum robot.He is also developing data-driven control strategies for autonomous navigation of the soft continuum robots by applying emerging techniques of machine learning. In collaborations with clinicians at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, he plans to conduct translational studies and preclinical testing to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the developed platform for robotic endovascular neurosurgery. Yoonho earned a BS in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Seoul National University, Korea.



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