Yang Zhong

Yang Zhong is a PhD candidate whose broad research interests in thermal sciences encompass atmospheric water harvesting, thermal management of 2-D electronics, and machine learning for boiling. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, Yang is currently working on the fundamental water adsorption and engineering design of atmospheric water harvesting devices. Specifically, he is advancing a concept to harvest water in the atmosphere based on the principle of adsorption. By using the temperature differential between night and day, Yang is designing a device to produce drinking water directly from the air via solar energy. MATLAB is a core component of this work for data collection, modeling, and analysis. This project will drive future work Yang hopes to accomplish in this sphere of research, including exploring materials design, characterization, and new water harvesting architectures, all of which will draw extensively on MATLAB tools. His work is leading the way to useful new technologies to address water scarcity, as well as a broader, fundamental understandings of how large-scale water harvesting systems could affect the global water economy and ecosystem.



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