Wenhui Tang

Wenhui Tang is a PhD candidate whose research interests lie in understanding complex biological systems using physical and mechanical tools. Specifically, her research focuses on spatiotemporal cellular behaviors in three-dimensional multicellular systems, such as cell migration, packing, and cell-matrix interaction during development and maturation. Wenhui has made extensive use of MathWorks tools in several path-breaking projects exploring cell behaviors, including investigating the role of curvature on collective cell migration and packing in an in vitro model of human lung alveolospheres and their mechanical regulation during development. Her third MathWorks Fellowship will enable her to extend ongoing research, investigating dynamic pattern formation in developing epithelia and human breast cancer models. Wenhui has already contributed valuable new knowledge and tools to her field, and her research has great potential to advance our understanding of cell behaviors and biological systems, with important implications for human health.



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