Victor Qin

Victor Qin is a PhD candidate whose research is centered in cutting-edge aerial technologies, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Specifically, Victor is addressing challenges presented by UAVs and similar technologies in air traffic control. UAVs present issues that traditional air traffic control (ATC) is ill-equipped to handle, including a high volume of on-demand flights that are far from airports. As a MathWorks Fellow, Victor will develop new unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems and regulatory frameworks to coordinate UAVs and related vehicles alongside current ATC. His research explores two primary questions: What are optimal UTM strategies, and how should UTM regulatory frameworks operate? His goals include the creation of decentralized protocols for strategic planning and UAV “rules of the road” with particular focus on unmanned space systems (USS). MathWorks software is an essential tool in Victor’s work, allowing him to develop effective new mechanisms and methods that address a range of safety and logistical issues specific to USS, while maintaining competitive growth in this fast-growing industry.



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