Tom Dillon

Tom Dillon is a PhD candidate whose research combines robotics, mechatronics, and medical- imaging to develop computer-assisted and robotic surgical techniques that optimize the treatment of cardiac and endovascular diseases. During a previous MathWorks Fellowship, Tom led the development of FenFit, a computational program for automating the design of patient-specific endovascular grafts for aneurysm surgery, now in clinical testing. With the support of his second MathWorks Fellowship, Tom is creating an innovative technology called AortaSLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), a novel imaging platform for precise 3-D ultrasound mapping and catheter localization within intravascular environments, which can reduce the risk of intraoperative complications while also removing the harmful effects that ionizing radiation pose to the surgeon. The goal of the project is to develop an automated robotic system for endovascular surgery with integrated vision and interventional capabilities. MATLAB is an essential tool for modeling, image analysis, and interface design. Tom’s research is generating new technologies that serve important clinical needs and improve patient outcomes in vascular surgery and have the potential to significantly advance computer- and robot-assisted medicine.



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