Thanh Nguyen

Thanh Nguyen is a PhD candidate working at the frontiers of quantum materials research and topological quantum computation. Specifically, Thanh studies neutron scattering on topological semimetals, an emerging branch of physics of significant importance to microelectronics, energy conversions, and quantum computing. With the support of his MathWorks Fellowship, Thanh will expand several innovative projects that explore the functional behaviors in topological materials through experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches. His goal is to develop novel mechanisms to apply topological materials in the form of heterostructures, nanostructures, or freestanding membranes, which have great potential value for next-generation technologies. MATLAB tools that Thanh has utilized, enhanced, or created are critical in the tasks of analyzing extremely large experimental data sets, simulating theoretical models, and implementing deep learning algorithms to extract further information. Thanh’s research is yielding important contributions in theory and practical applications and building on MathWorks resources and tools that support leading research on neutron scattering, quantum materials, and more.



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