Taylor Elise Baum

Taylor Elise Baum is a PhD candidate whose research interests lie in developing systems that enhance clinician decision-making processes for cardiovascular system management. Currently, Taylor is working on a closed-loop blood pressure control (CLBPC) system to improve blood pressure management in intensive care units and operating rooms. A MathWorks Fellowship will allow her to advance the system toward eventual human testing. Milestone achievements include her development of a physiologically based theoretical framework for the system; a cardiovascular state estimation method to inform control decisions; and an end-to-end hardware system for monitoring blood pressure and controlling vasoactive medications in swine. Notable is her method for cardiovascular state estimation based on the Windkessel model, which has improved accuracy and time resolution compared with current approaches. She is now leading preparations for upcoming animal testing, a crucial step toward human testing. Taylor makes extensive use of MathWorks tools and is pursuing research with strong potential to enhance clinical decision- making in cardiovascular medicine, leading to improved patient outcomes and future innovations in engineering applications for health care.



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