Suhan Kim

Suhan Kim is a PhD candidate working at the frontier of bio-inspired microrobotics to create insect- scale robots capable of insect-like mobility and functions. Specifically, his research is focused on new design tools and fabrication methods. Suhan has designed both hardware and software systems for microscale robotic research and developed both a honeybee-inspired aerial robot and an ant-inspired legged robot. As a MathWorks Fellow, he will continue this innovative work, including his lead role in a project that leverages soft actuator electroluminescence to enable vision-based tracking for the outdoor flight of microscale robots. Suhan’s work extensively leverages MathWorks tools. Examples include his use of MATLAB to automate robot design workflow and to develop custom design tools; and his use of Simulink Real-Time to control microscale aerial robots. Ultimately, Suhan hopes to develop a “microrobotic toolkit” to support researchers in microrobotics and potentially enable roboticists in many fields to efficiently design microscale robots.



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