Steven Ceron

Steven Ceron is a School of Engineering Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow whose research interests encompass the design, fabrication, and control of robot swarms at the macro- and micro-length scales. His doctoral research focused on simulation and physical implementations of macro-scale and micro-scale robot swarms and explored how interactions between agents’ physical features and their surrounding environment could be exploited to enable navigation, object manipulation, and dispersion. His postdoctoral research concentrates on developing a self-reconfigurable, modular robot swarm that enables reconfiguration, manipulation, and distributed sensing. Steven’s objectives include exploring how a structure could form itself from robotic building blocks, with the capacity to adjust and repair itself in response to changes in the surrounding environment. This work is a crucial step in the long-term vision of swarm robotics and modular self-reconfigurable robots. Steven’s self-reconfigurable robot swarm and its distributed coordination schemes offer valuable insights for the general robotics community and hold great potential for diverse applications, including biomedicine, exploration of hard-to-reach environments, and autonomous robot collective construction.



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