Souha El Mousadik

Souha El Mousadik is a PhD candidate in environmental fluid dynamics whose research addresses areas of critical importance for decarbonization and climate mitigation, including the impacts of deep-sea mining and modeling strategies for ocean carbon sequestration. Souha’s first MathWorks Fellowship enabled her to explore the characteristics and hydrodynamics of seabed sediment generated by deep-sea mining and to develop and test instrumentation to characterize suspended sediment properties in-situ at abyssal depths of over 6000m. She also conducted fundamental fluid flow experiments to study the suspensions created by turbidity currents in the ocean, which arise in settings such as cable laying for offshore wind farms and deep seabed mining. Supported by her second MathWorks Fellowship, Souha will focus on marine carbon dioxide removal (mCDR) and utilize her sensor technology to characterize the settling rates of particulate organic carbon created by mCDR approaches, a critical parameter for modeling to support global trading of carbon credits. Souha’s work makes extensive use of MathWorks tools and has the potential to offer vital insights that will shape emerging practices and industries in the renewable energy economy.



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