Somayajulu (Somu) Dhulipala

Somayajulu (Somu) Dhulipala is a PhD candidate in the field of solid mechanics whose research explores experimental and computational aspects of self-assembled, architected materials. As a MathWorks Fellow, Somu is developing non-periodic self-architected metamaterials with tuneable mechanical properties, which have the potential to offer significant advantages over conventional additive manufactured architected materials, including greater strength and improved scalability. Somu has developed a computational framework to generate anisotropic spinodoid morphologies with spatially varying curvatures and is working on a theory to explain the relationship between curvature distribution and observed anisotropic mechanical properties in nano-labyrinthine structures. To support his research and that of colleagues, Somu has led the creation of a library of shared MATLAB tools, including scripts that transform complex and large experimental datasets into 3-D models ready for finite element analysis.



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