So-Yoon Yang

So-Yoon Yang is a PhD candidate who is applying her expertise in semiconductors to the creation of novel, functional devices for biomedical applications. So-Yoon’s highly interdisciplinary research builds upon her prior work developing flexible, wearable sensor patches and transistor-based biosensors. Her MathWorks Fellowship will support So-Yoon’s ongoing work developing a long- term energy harvesting system for ingestible electronics for diagnostic and therapeutic devices. By harvesting chemical energy from the gastrointestinal tract, this new technology could sustain electrical power for over a month. Her current work also includes the development of a modular circuit system and a MATLAB-based modular software system for next-generation ingestible electronics, as well as contributions to a new electronically triggered drug delivery system for ingestible electronics. Through her cutting-edge research, So-Yoon is paving the way for major advances in bioelectronic devices with the potential to greatly impact health and medicine.



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