Siying Huang

Siying Huang is a PhD candidate whose research interests are in magnetism and spin dynamics, topics that are central to the advancement of spintronic materials and devices. Specifically, she is working on the generalization of an analytical framework for magnetic domain wall dynamics to accommodate multi-sublattice ferrimagnetic materials, which are emerging as a major material class of interest in the field. Siying has successfully developed a novel method to approximate domain wall dynamics in ferrimagnets with an arbitrary degree of compensation, which enabled her to investigate the origins of very fast domain wall motion driven by electric currents in magnetic insulating ferrimagnets. A MathWorks Fellowship will support her ongoing work to experimentally verify a novel mechanism that she has shown mathematically could fully account for fast domain wall motion. Siying’s research, which makes extensive use of MathWorks tools, has the potential to have a major impact on spintronic research technologies and to deliver a paradigm-shifting new means to drive ultrafast magnetization dynamics.



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