Shashank Agarwal

Shashank is a PhD student in mechanical engineering whose research primarily focuses on the development of reduced-order, rate-dependent methods for a variety of granular intrusion problems, such as meteorite impacts and animal and vehicular locomotion in sands and deserts (a field referred to as terramechanics). He uses large-scale, detailed numerical simulations to understand the physics of such scenarios, which in turn allows him to develop robust reduced-order models that can be run in real time. He uses MATLAB for various purposes in his research, most importantly for the implementation of reduced-order models for granular intrusion, allowing for the real-time simulation of diverse intrusion scenarios with different system properties and intruder shapes. Shashank earned a BTech in mechanical engineering fromIITGandhinagar, India and an SM in mechanical engineering from MIT.He also worked as a scientist at the Defense Research and Development Organization, India before joining MIT



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