Serin Lee

Serin Lee is a PhD candidate whose research interests lie at the intersection of energy materials and sustainability. Specifically, she is breaking new ground in the use of quantitative electron microscopy techniques to study energy materials with potential impacts on sustainable energy. As a MathWorks Fellow, Serin will pursue two projects on battery aging and fuel cell catalyst deactivation. Her aim is to understand changes in the materials structure during functioning with the broader goals of improving performance and unlocking the full potential of renewable energy sources. Recently, Serin has achieved exciting results using a modified liquid cell technique for imaging hybrid organic/inorganic particles that are known to self-assemble upon cooling from elevated temperature. MATLAB has been an essential component in Serin’s research, including helping to model her quantitative interpretation of liquid cell TEM data and other core functions. This work holds the promise of being a valuable contribution to the microscopy community. Due to the generality of calibration and data analysis issues in all liquid cell experiments, Serin’s research work may also advance other areas liquid cell research and ultimately speed progress toward sustainable energy.



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