Samuel Dutra Gollob

Samuel Dutra Gollob is a PhD student whose research interests focus on the design, modeling, and fabrication of soft robotics. To advance this work, Sam has built a generalized modeling tool for soft actuator design and multi-modal models for use in controls and the design of other soft robotic architectures. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, he will extend these approaches to create a modular multi-physics modeling tool to design novel soft robotic pneumatic power sources that address the limitations of pneumatic actuation approaches by leveraging reactions with propellants to power lightweight, fast, and controllable pneumatic devices. Sam’s ultimate goals are to build a design framework for propellant-based pneumatic power that integrates existing and novel architectures and to develop a fully coupled model to design propellant power sources.

MathWorks tools are central to Sam’s research. His contributions to fundamental research and practical tools could have a significant impact on future soft robotics devices, from implantable and wearable medical devices to technologies for deep-sea sample collection and search-and-rescue operations.



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