Reimar Weissbach

Reimar Weissbach is a PhD and MBA candidate whose research integrates advanced computation, manufacturing, and management science. With the support of his first MathWorks Fellowship, Reimar conducted innovative research in metal additive manufacturing (AM) processes and developed novel spreading strategies for fine and highly cohesive metal powders. His second MathWorks Fellowship will enable him to expand this work to the laser melting process in metal AM to improve the throughput and quality of laser powder bed fusion. The next phases of his work will focus on creating novel processing regimes using thick powder layers and testing his hypothesis that spreading fine/cohesive powders in dense, relatively thick layers can be exploited as an inherent means of process stabilization to increase throughput without sacrificing quality. Reimar’s research holds significant potential to accelerate the adoption of AM by industry by increasing production rates and decreasing costs, all while improving geometrical resolution. His work is also yielding numerous MATLAB-based tools of value to the research community and manufacturing industry.



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