Qiuyuan Wang

Qiuyuan Wang is a PhD candidate whose research interests are in spintronics, a rapidly growing field that leverages the electron’s spin degree of freedom and the associated magnetic moment and offers tremendous potential to improve power efficiency and performance in storage and computing technologies. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, Qiuyuan is investigating multiple dimensions of spintronics, including emergent topological materials as new building blocks for spintronic devices and the design of energy-saving computing paradigms utilizing stochastic magnetic tunnel junctions. MathWorks tools such as MATLAB and Simulink have been invaluable in enabling Qiuyuan to study a variety of spin dynamics problems, design and evaluate experiments, and build innovative devices like a stochastic computing hardware accelerator. He plans to share resources developed in the course of his research to inspire others working in the field of post-CMOS computing. Qiuyuan’s work at the leading edge of this field could help bring about pioneering solutions for next-generation electronics.



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