Paul Zhang

Paul Zhang is a PhD candidate working to answer complex questions at the intersection of scientific computing, optimization, and geometry. Specifically, Paul studies quadrilateral (quad) and hexahedral (hex) meshing, an open area in geometry with bearing on simulation for computational fluid dynamics, fabrication, and other tasks. He has also investigated other areas of geometry, developing a new algorithm for approximating the isoperimetric profile of a two-dimensional shape and exploring new methods for interpolation in the space of probability densities. As a MathWorks Fellow, Paul will continue to push the frontiers of hex-meshing, utilizing and creating MATLAB tools to study meshing and geometry more broadly. In one current project, he is developing a robust, high-quality, automatic hexahedral meshing algorithm through the use of frame fields. The range and innovative nature of Paul’s work, as well as his many contributions to fellow researchers through shared resources like his Bulk Trilinear Inverse tool, make him a force multiplier in his field with the potential to greatly advance the fields of geometry and scientific computing.



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