Roberto  Brenes
Roberto Brenes

A PhD student in electrical engineering and computer science, Roberto is a member of the Organic and Nanostructured Electronics Lab. He uses MATLAB’s versatile Partial Differential Equation (PDE), Global Optimization, and ParallelComputingToolboxes to solve, model, and fit the group’s experimental data sets on carrier recombination and diffusion in semiconductors for optoelectronic applications. Leveraging the PDE Toolbox, his most recent work, “AccurateDetermination of Semiconductor Di ...

Nicolas  Arango
Nicolas Arango

Nicolas is a PhD student in electrical engineering and computer science whose research focuses on medical imaging technology. He is trying to solve challenging MRI problems by creating and distributing the hardware and computational tools needed for simultaneous optimization of coil geometries, encoding field patterns, and received-signal reconstruction algorithms. He has observed that the steps, or modules, that make up most MRI sequences often have conflicting patient-specific field pattern ...

Mohammad  AlAdwani
Mohammad AlAdwani

Mohammad is a PhD student in civil and environmental engineering whose research is focused on explaining and predicting biodiversity changes using mathematical models. Specifically, his goal is to provide closed-form solutions using computational methods in order to skip the impossible task of simulating all possible parameter values and combinations and to establish rigorous and testable estimates about the probability of persistence of species. He is developing his own code and integrating ...

Shashank Agarwal
Shashank Agarwal

Shashank is a PhD student in mechanical engineering whose research primarily focuses on the development of reduced-order, rate-dependent methods for a variety of granular intrusion problems, such as meteorite impacts and animal and vehicular locomotion in sands and deserts (a field referred to as terramechanics). He uses large-scale, detailed numerical simulations to understand the physics of such scenarios, which in turn allows him to develop robust reduced-order models that can be run in re ...

Bernardo Aceituno - Cabeza
Bernardo Aceituno - Cabeza

Bernardo is a PhD student in mechanical engineering whose research examines the synthesis of robust strategies for grasping and dexterous manipulation. Specifically, he is examining the problem of caging, a geometric property by which a set of fingers manipulate an object by trapping it rather than immobilizing it. He has developed an explicit optimization approach to formulate the caging condition as a convex mixed-integer optimization problem. This was the first of its kind, since caging ha ...



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