Anantha Narayanan Suresh  Babu
Anantha Narayanan Suresh Babu

Anantha Narayanan Suresh Babu is a PhD candidate whose research combines computational modeling, uncertainty quantification, Bayesian learning, and scientific machine learning, with applications to sea ice and ocean dynamics. Sea ice is rapidly changing, and submesoscale currents have recently been found to be ubiquitous in the upper ocean. Anantha’s work seeks to broaden our modeling of these complex, nonlinear sea ice and submesoscale dynamics, by melding fundamental physics with limited ...

Ruiqi  Zhang
Ruiqi Zhang

Ruiqi Zhang is a PhD candidate whose research aims to develop novel solar cell technologies to support renewable energy. Specifically, he is devising machine learning (ML) algorithms to predict optimal structures for solar photovoltaic devices that utilize organic-metal-halide perovskites, a class of materials with promising optoelectronic properties for the next generation of solar photovoltaics. Supported by a MathWorks Fellowship, Ruiqi will pursue a research project with the aim of connec ...

Leticia Mattos  Da Silva
Leticia Mattos Da Silva

Leticia Mattos Da Silva is a PhD candidate conducting innovative research in the fields of geometry processing and numerical methods. Specifically, Leticia’s work concerns the analysis of partial differential equations (PDE), a ubiquitous technique in computer graphics, geometry processing, and adjacent fields, with a focus on the use of second-order parabolic PDE. Her research is implemented entirely in MATLAB. A MathWorks Fellowship will support Leticia’s ongoing work in developing new ...

Colin R.  Marcus
Colin R. Marcus

Colin R. Marcus is a PhD candidate whose research is focused on biomedical applications, with an emphasis on novel sensor platforms and algorithms to enable long-term, personalized healthcare. In recent work, Colin developed a paper-thin, flexible sensor array that can be laminated onto surgical masks and N95 respirators. This innovative technology allows for real-time monitoring of variables such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, and mask fit. Utilizing machine learning techniques, it ...

Tianhong  Li
Tianhong Li

Tianhong Li is a PhD candidate whose research utilizes machine learning (ML) approaches in the development of novel sensing systems. His research has provided important new insights into ML problems, such as learning from unbalanced datasets and improving the robustness of self- supervised learning, enabling it to deal with new modalities. A MathWorks Fellowship will support Tianhong’s work on several exciting projects. The first is a groundbreaking system that provides highly accurate huma ...

Peter Zhi Xuan  Li
Peter Zhi Xuan Li

Peter Zhi Xuan Li is a PhD candidate conducting interdisciplinary research at the intersection of robotics and low-power computing hardware, to enable energy-efficient computing for augmented reality, virtual reality, and autonomous navigation. His paradigm-shifting research addresses a key challenge in efficient computing, which is the cost of storing and accessing data from memory, by taking a memory-centric approach to designing algorithms and computing hardware. A MathWorks Fellowship wil ...

Kruthika (Kru)  Kikkeri
Kruthika (Kru) Kikkeri

Kruthika (Kru) Kikkeri is a PhD candidate whose research is focused on developing fast, affordable point-of-care (PoC) systems for the detection of biomarkers. Specifically, she utilizes microfluidics, electronics, and machine learning to create a tunable, inexpensive, and user-friendly sample-to-answer PoC system with clinically relevant analytical capabilities and rapid turnaround times. Building on previous research, Kru has made important contributions by developing the upstream processin ...

Minghao  Guo
Minghao Guo

Minghao Guo is a PhD candidate whose research interests are in polymer informatics at the intersection of machine learning and computer graphics, with a focus on computation design for chemistry, material, and shape modeling. A MathWorks Fellowship will support Minghao’s ongoing work to create a polymer informatics system for efficient exploration and automated optimization for polymer design. Currently, polymer synthesis is a resource-intensive process reliant on very small amounts of expe ...

Camilo L.  Fosco
Camilo L. Fosco

Camilo L. Fosco is a PhD candidate whose research integrates computer vision and cognitive science to build innovative models that can mimic the brain’s intricate processes to solve computer vision tasks. Currently Camilo is leveraging generative models to produce images and videos that maximize a specific cognitive metric, an approach that will enable generative techniques that are expressive and accurate, and also controllable in dimensions typically hard to quantify, like attention-grabb ...

Yuqin Sophia  Duan
Yuqin Sophia Duan

Sophia Duan is a PhD candidate whose research interests are focused on the development of novel quantum technologies. Her current work is aimed at designing accurate large-scale computational models to describe the behavior of quantum devices, considering both the quantum object and the complex experimental chain required for device operation. Such models could enable a greater understanding of the fundamental limits of laboratory measurements and quantum physics. A MathWorks Fellowship will ...



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