Oliver Xie

Oliver Xie is a PhD candidate whose research interests are focused on block copolymers and the unique properties arising from their self-assembled morphologies. With the support of his second MathWorks Fellowship, Oliver will build on his previous research achievements using MATLAB tools to explore polymer sequence morphology relationships. His objectives include a novel reinterpretation of polymer sequences as not simply a series of chemicals but rather as both a signal with a spectrum, and an image after undergoing functional transforms. He is also investigating how different length scales of interaction in the sequence function can be better represented and manipulated in the Fourier representation. By combining the results of the perturbative study with an inverse-design optimization algorithm using forward or reverse mode automatic differentiation, sequences may be designed based on a desired morphology. Oliver’s work is offering exciting new knowledge and innovative approaches with major impacts on his field. His work has great potential to advance polymer science, and yield valuable tools and insights to power future research.



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