Noah Salk

Noah Salk is a PhD candidate building complex analytic models of practical problems at the intersection of physics, mathematics, and computational modeling. Specifically, Noah’s work seeks to advance the development of a new class of resonant, electronic power transformers. MATLAB has enabled him to create powerful new models, equal to the task of solving practical problems rich in complex physics. Recent examples include models for electromagnetic processes and effects within high frequency resonant transformers and highly accurate, new methods of calculating high frequency losses in complex, winding structures. As a MathWorks Fellow, Noah will investigate loss reduction in high power, high-frequency multi-coil systems using custom MATLAB tools to implement analytical models, interface with and run simulations in an external tool, and compare those methods with experimental data. His explorations of physical phenomena and design methods for high-efficiency, high-power, coreless resonant transformers are yielding valuable new knowledge and tools to enrich his own work and the efforts of other researchers. Ultimately, Noah’s research could be a crucial next step toward the development of next-generation transformers for renewable power.



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