Nicolas (Nico) Gomez Vega

Nicolas (Nico) Gomez Vega is a PhD candidate whose research in electroaerodynamics (EAD) has led to fundamental advances in our understanding of the physics of solid-state aerodynamic devices. Specifically, Nico has devised new technical solutions to increase the efficiency of EAD propulsors. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, Nico will advance his current research exploring the use of EAD devices for in-atmosphere propulsion, with the objective of developing novel technologies to propel aircraft and their payloads cleanly and efficiently. Among other useful outcomes of the project, Nico has demonstrated that multistage ducted (MSD) EAD thrusters may provide significant performance improvements over conventional EAD thrusters. Next steps include experimental demonstrations and characterization of these thrusters. Nico has made extensive use of MATLAB in the experimental and analytical aspects of this research. His cutting-edge work is already helping to set the direction of EAD research and promises to deliver more insights and innovative tools to expand the field.



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