Nadia Tahsini

Nadia Tahsini is a PhD candidate whose research explores the chemistry of atmospheric particulate matter (PM), a factor with significant influence on climate, air quality, and human health. Specifically, Nadia is investigating the role of peroxy radicals (RO2), which are key intermediates in the oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted into the atmosphere. These insights into RO2 chemistry could serve to increase the accuracy of global atmospheric models. As a MathWorks Fellow, Nadia will pursue a combination of experiments (atmospheric chamber studies) and simulations powered by MATLAB’s Framework for Zero-Dimensional Atmospheric Modeling (F0AM) and the Master Chemical Mechanism to study the impact of key parameters, including temperature, on RO2 reactivity and other VOC oxidation systems. Her results, derived using MATLAB tools, will be incorporated back into F0AM for the benefit of the atmospheric chemistry community. Nadia’s research has the potential to help build a more complete understanding of organic aerosol formation in the atmosphere, leading to stronger global models that better quantify the effects of aerosol on global climate and air quality.



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