Mohammad AlAdwani

Mohammad is a PhD student in civil and environmental engineering whose research is focused on explaining and predicting biodiversity changes using mathematical models. Specifically, his goal is to provide closed-form solutions using computational methods in order to skip the impossible task of simulating all possible parameter values and combinations and to establish rigorous and testable estimates about the probability of persistence of species. He is developing his own code and integrating libraries from MATLAB with the goal of generating a computational package that will allow researchers to work with different ecological models, derive the range of parameter values (or combinations of parameter values) compatible with the persistence of a given species in an ecological system, and estimate the probabilities (or risks) of species extinctions or species invasions. Mohammad earned a BS in mathematics and a BS in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an SM in civil and environmental engineering, an SM in electrical engineering and computer science, and an SM in computation for design and optimization from MIT.



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