Minghao Guo

Minghao Guo is a PhD candidate whose research interests are in polymer informatics at the intersection of machine learning and computer graphics, with a focus on computation design for chemistry, material, and shape modeling. A MathWorks Fellowship will support Minghao’s ongoing work to create a polymer informatics system for efficient exploration and automated optimization for polymer design. Currently, polymer synthesis is a resource-intensive process reliant on very small amounts of experimental data; Minghao’s comprehensive system enables combined property prediction and molecular generation within the constraints of small data sets.

He has also conducted promising research in 3D shape design within the challenging domain of multi-objective optimization with the aim of designing manufacturable 3D shapes that exhibit optimal balance between competing performance objectives. His development of grammar-based representations for modeling chemical data provides an efficient, novel avenue for the discovery of unique molecular structures and has important implications in many fields within the MathWorks and design communities. Minghao’s pioneering research has the potential to support future breakthroughs in predictive modeling, chemical system analyses, and material design.



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