Matthew Goss

Matthew Goss is a PhD candidate in the field of atmospheric chemistry whose central research interest is the oxidation chemistry of atmospheric organic compounds. Specifically, Matthew is developing new approaches for studying atmospheric oxidation chemistry and providing valuable insights into the formation of atmospheric particulate matter (PM), which is directly related to poor air quality and global climate. As a MathWorks Fellow, Matthew will explore these processes through an innovative coupling of laboratory atmospheric chemistry studies and detailed mechanistic modeling powered by MATLAB. In addition to filling knowledge gaps in PM chemistry, his work will identify key model parameters for use in large-scale models of atmospheric composition and chemistry. Matthew’s goals include a deeper understanding of atmospheric oxidation of dimethyl sulfide (DMS), a compound representing one of the largest natural sources of atmospheric sulfur, which may in turn illuminate other key chemical transformations, such as the rearrangement of organic peroxy radicals (RO2) formed in most organic oxidation processes. By applying his newly developed models to past studies of organic PM formation (conducted prior to our contemporary understanding of RO2 chemistry), Matthew’s research could pave the way to major improvements in global climate modeling.



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