Matthew Clarke

Matthew Clarke is an MIT-Boeing Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow whose research focuses on aircraft design, aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, and the optimization of electric vehicles for regional and urban air mobility (UAM). As a doctoral candidate, Mathew worked on synthesizing a multi-fidelity approach for predicting the performance and acoustic footprint of electric short/vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eS/VTOLs), balancing fast, iterative design with high-resolution analyses within the flight profile. As a postdoctoral fellow, he will build upon this work in three areas: aerodynamic and aeroacoustic optimization of UAM Vehicles; lithium-ion battery modeling for aerospace applications; and addressing the challenges of future aviation policy and air traffic control. Through his research, Matthew is bridging the gap between aircraft conceptual design and electrochemical cell (power sources) modeling and tackling systems-level challenges such as the integration of eS/VTOLs and UAM vehicles into existing transportation infrastructure. His work holds tremendous promise to advance UAM technology and aerospace engineering. In addition, he is developing innovative techniques, including multi-fidelity techniques, high-fidelity numerical simulations, quantification of uncertainties in the design, and high-dimensional mathematical optimization, that will support cutting-edge research in many domains.



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