Manan Doshi

Manan Doshi is a PhD candidate whose research applies computational science approaches to challenges in ocean and mechanical engineering. Specifically, Manan’s work explores optimal path planning in dynamic ocean environments, Lagrangian analysis of ocean flow, and Lagrangian data assimilation and learning. Manan’s prior work has yielded significant contributions to the field, most notably his discovery of equations governing the optimal collection-time reachability and path planning for vehicles in dynamic environments. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, Manan will continue developing theory, algorithms, and computational systems for the high dimensional optimal path planning of autonomous vehicles, with the goal of enabling sustained and optimal operation of these vehicles over long durations in realistic, uncertain ocean settings. MATLAB tools form an integral part of this work. Manan’s research has the potential to advance important global conservation strategies through the use of autonomous vehicles. These potential applications include collection of marine algae for food and carbon sequestration, clean-up of ocean plastics, operation of dynamic aquaculture farms, and the avoidance of sea ice and other dangerous dynamic regions.



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