Louis DeRidder

Louis DeRidder is a PhD candidate whose research is focused on developing a closed-loop drug delivery system for chemotherapy drugs. Specifically, Louis seeks to create a system that can individualize chemotherapy doses with greater precision and efficacy than the commonly used method based on body-surface area. Louis has successfully developed a system for 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), a common chemotherapy drug, in which drug concentration is measured by a sensor, and this value is input into a control algorithm that adjusts the infusion rate to achieve the desired concentration. Supported by a MathWorks Fellowship, Louis will work on adapting this system to other chemotherapies. He is also at work on a novel medical device that is part of an emerging class of therapeutics called electroceuticals. MathWorks tools have been critical to Louis’s research, which holds great promise for improving chemotherapy and advancing the development of innovative medical devices to improve patient’s lives.



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