Lluís Saló-Salgado

Lluís is a PhD student in civil and environmental engineering studying geologic CO2 storage (GCS). GCS is the second stage of a technology known as carbon capture, utilization, and storage, a leading climate change mitigation technology and an enabling application for other negative-emissions technologies. Through a combination of geologic and multiphase flow modeling, he is addressing the critical question of migration and potential leakage of CO2 through faults during CO2 storage in sedimentary formations. Lluís is developing all of this research using MATLAB, ranging from visualization to sophisticated developments for the simulation of multiphase flow (governed by complex coupled PDEs) in multimillion-cell grids. In particular, he is a regular user of the MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox, to which he is also a contributor. Lluís is currently developing physics-based, probabilistic and machine-learning tools for the upscaling of fault properties and quantitative hazard assessment of CO2 migration through faults. Lluís earned a BS in geology from Universitat de Barcelona, Spain and an MS in geotechnical and earthquake engineering from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain.



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