Leticia Mattos Da Silva

Leticia Mattos Da Silva is a PhD candidate conducting innovative research in the fields of geometry processing and numerical methods. Specifically, Leticia’s work concerns the analysis of partial differential equations (PDE), a ubiquitous technique in computer graphics, geometry processing, and adjacent fields, with a focus on the use of second-order parabolic PDE. Her research is implemented entirely in MATLAB. A MathWorks Fellowship will support Leticia’s ongoing work in developing new frameworks to solve a larger number of nonlinear and challenging PDE over discrete curved surfaces. Her existing method of leveraging a splitting integration strategy for second-order parabolic PDE represents a significant improvement over classical frameworks. Leticia’s plans include applying her current framework for second-order parabolic PDE to a wide array of uses in graphics and geometry processing, including position-based flow using the G-equation for realistic models of thin flames and fire and new approaches to stochastic heat kernel estimation on curved triangle meshes using the Fokker-Planck equation. Her research has the potential for far-reaching impacts in many fields, from physics-based simulation to CAD design.



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