Kruthika (Kru) Kikkeri

Kruthika (Kru) Kikkeri is a PhD candidate whose research is focused on developing fast, affordable point-of-care (PoC) systems for the detection of biomarkers. Specifically, she utilizes microfluidics, electronics, and machine learning to create a tunable, inexpensive, and user-friendly sample-to-answer PoC system with clinically relevant analytical capabilities and rapid turnaround times. Building on previous research, Kru has made important contributions by developing the upstream processing to move from blood acquisition to electrochemical detection and is now focusing on decreasing costs. A MathWorks Fellowship will support her ongoing work to significantly reduce device costs and fabrication times by integrating tape-based microchannels with inkjet-printed multiplexed electrodes. She will also work on an intelligent control model enabling adaptable detection of biomarkers for more personalized therapies. MathWorks has been a crucial resource in Kru’s efforts to design next-generation PoC systems. Her work has the potential to advance personalized and holistic disease detection and management.



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