Kristina Monakhova

Kristina Monakhova is an MIT-Boeing Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow whose research bridges computational imaging and artificial intelligence to create more capable cameras, microscopes, and telescopes. In her doctoral work, Kristina developed cheap, miniature compressive cameras and microscopes as well as physics-informed machine learning techniques for single‐shot 3D fluorescence microscopy, compressive hyperspectral imaging, and low light photography. As a postdoctoral fellow, Kristina is focused on designing new algorithms and uncertainty quantification techniques for multiphoton microscopy, with applications in label-free imaging and seeing through scattering media. Kristina will start as an assistant professor in Cornell University’s Department of Computer Science after the completion of her fellowship, where she will start a new computational imaging lab that will focus on co‐designing camera hardware and algorithms specifically for higher‐level tasks to create better-informed autonomous systems and enable more robust decision-making. Kristina’s work serves the specialized sensing needs of myriad data science and artificial intelligence pipelines. By developing new methods to capture informative measurements, her research has the potential to advance a broad range of intelligent systems, from miniature robotics to biomedical imaging to precision agriculture.



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