Kir Latyshev

Kir Latyshev is a PhD candidate who integrates expertise in astrodynamics with system architecting methods for analyzing new innovative space systems to advance space exploration. Specifically, Kir is working to develop tools and methods to support lunar and Mars exploration. His previous work includes valuable contributions to a study sponsored by Blue Origin and led by MIT with the goal of understanding how the Human Landing System Descent Element technology could be used in future Mars missions. In his master’s thesis, Kir demonstrated the benefit of the Lunar Gateway in Human Landing System operations. This work yielded valuable new findings on the impact of reusability on the Human Landing System architecture tradespace and key potential drawbacks to NASA’s present choice of orbit for the Lunar Gateway. His current work explores space logistics architectures for a commercial orbital station serving NASA astronauts, private crews, and space tourists. MATLAB tools, which Kir regularly uses for modeling space exploration systems and conducting system architecting studies, are vital to his work. Kir’s research holds great value for the lunar exploration engineering community and has the potential to significantly advance space exploration.



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