Keegan L. Mendez

Keegan L. Mendez is a PhD candidate whose research integrates biomedical and mechanical engineering approaches with clinical care to improve patient outcomes. In her current work, Keegan is developing an innovative risk assessment tool for patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD). A MathWorks Fellowship will support Keegan as she refines this powerful tool using additional physician and patient input and works toward her longer-term goal of testing it in a clinical study. At the heart of Keegan’s work are custom MATLAB functions that deliver personalized, easy-to-understand visual information on current and future risks, including estimated impacts of specific therapy and/or lifestyle interventions and/or modifications (based on American College of Cardiology recommendations). Keegan’s work has the potential to turn complex data into user-centered tools that enable patients to better understand ASCVD risk and to work with care providers on setting treatment goals and working toward improving their health.



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