Justin Hou

Justin is a PhD student in electrical engineering and computer science and a member of the Spintronic Material and Device Group. His research focuses on the theoretical understanding and experimental realization of spintronics. MATLAB has played a significant role in his research, ranging from experimental measurement, data analysis, and visualization to theoretical calculation of electronic bands and theoretical modeling of magnetic dynamics. With the help of the Instrument Control Toolbox, he uses MATLAB to control the measurement instruments and acquire data through GPIB Interface for Instrument Control. MATLAB also allows him to process and plot the data while measurements are ongoing, providing quick feedback of measurement setup. Moreover, the function overloading in MATLAB enables him to use the same program for handling various instruments with the same functionality. Using MATLAB programs, he was able to theoretically predict coupled magnetic resonance spectrum, which led to subsequent experimental discoveries. He is currently using MATLAB programs for analyzing micromagnetic simulations with GPU acceleration and is incorporating the photon coupling effect into micromagnetics. Justin earned a BS in electrical engineering and a BS in physics, both from National Taiwan University, Taiwan.



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